Move Fast Maternity

Maternity shooting is a new experience for me and if there's one rule to live by it's 'move fast'. Workflow is integral along with a shot list and location. I shot at public parks in the morning between 9-10. On one day I was lucky enough to catch a break from mother nature and have some cloud cover here in sunny SoCal. The cloud cover diffused the sun, essentially becoming a giant softbox, freeing me from my speed light so I can capture some natural light images with soft shadows.

Heidi, Justin and soon to arrive Daisy

I've checked out quite a bit of maternity photos for inspiration and if there was one thing I noticed it's most maternity photo sessions are either outdoors all natural light or inside the studio with controlled light. I thought I'd combine the two with my shoots.


Justin, Heidi, & Daisy

Keep Shooting,