A Pirates Life For Me

I remember the spray of the sea, the warmth of the sand, the smell of popcorn. Pirates Of The Caribbean came out over 10 years ago and yet Captain Jack hasn't aged a day.

Mark My Captain Jack

He was amidst a crowd of people at my local farmer's market in Temecula. At first I couldn't even distinguish him as a live person. I thought he was a mannequin or cardboard cut out. That is until he started walking toward me each stride as if the earth wasn't a solid mass underfoot. "Look a pirate," a mother taps excitedly on her son's shoulder. He can't see him at first either and he's standing right next to him. The boy looks frantically until his mother places two hands on his cheeks and tilts his head up to the jar of dirt wielding pirate before him.

My Captain Jack

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A Pirate and his Jar O' Dirt

It was great to see the capn' from the screen in the flesh.

Keep Shooting,