Magic Hour Home

The first week has come and gone. I've been living out of a backpack, reduced to a weekly supply of clothes and basic essentials. I spent several nights at my uncle's home and have found it a wonderfully pleasant place to be. 

The home is tucked into a hillside a few hundred yards from the 2 lane highway Scott Road. Once adorned with junked cars and all manner of garbage the plot has been reimagined with a ranch home style. My aunt owns a pair of horses that she shows in competitions when her and my uncle are not on the road driving their semi cross country. Old Grizzly Greg and his best ranch hand Lucky take care of the horses while my Aunt and Uncle are away. 

I work days, leaving when the sun rises and get back to this homestead just as the sun sets. It's always magic hour here. The few nights I've been here have been peaceful, can't even hear the highway. Just the heavy footsteps of horses and the jingle of Lucky's collar. Country lullabies.


Keep Shooting


Old Saddle

Greg and Lucky