Portland Reboot

So in March I pretty much packed my shit and moved from CA to Portland Or. Why? Because Southern CA, Riverside County, Lake Elsinore is a hot dry desert that I spent 28 years of my existence in. I lived in LA and didn't enjoy it so much being that I was a poor film student that could hardly afford my transit fare let alone enjoy anything that city has to offer. 

My friend and writing collaborator moved to Portland and went to school to Portland State University with a focus on writing and film. I'd visit him a couple times and each time I was mesmerized by this city. First the color green never had so many shades where I grew up. The trees, the damp earth, the smell of natures decomposition. I immediately loved the environment. Then when I went into town, I started to love the culture here. Entrepreneurs everywhere. You can't throw a rock without hitting someone who's trying to do their own thing, food, photography, art, music, film, clothing. 

I realized that this place was a city filled with opportunity. I could create something here and not be drowned out in the static of other, more seasoned and accomplished artists. I'm excited to get shooting, building a book of business, and creating.


Keep Shooting,