Vision Can Turn To Procrastination

You ever have that awesome feeling of, "I have it all figured out!"? 


Neither do I and I think most people who we can consider successful, never have that thought. I think they think more like, "I'll do this and if it works I'll keep doing it". The most important part of this thought is the 'doing'. I'm at this stage where I've spent most of my time trying to 'figure out' my 'doing' instead of just 'doing'.

That's not to say that having a plan or vision is a bad thing but it can and has stunted my growth. Instead of just shooting I'll get hung up on gear, lighting, wardrobe, location. These things matter but not as much as actually creating. Your vision can change or shift just through the process of making it a reality. What if you wanted to shoot concerts but decided you preferred the natural light in landscapes? How would you have known that unless you did those things? How can you do those things if you spend all your time and energy planning for concert shoots before  you even stepped into the photo pit? 

I love movies and want to make films of my own. I do not love all the jobs in film making. How did I come to know what I did and didn't like? I went to a film school that touched the surface of the different aspects of film making. A very expensive learning process but in the end I discovered more about myself and what I love about films than any book could have told me. 

I spent a couple years before school planning to be a filmmaker, to tell stories that entertain and exhilarate the senses. I worked as a Concession Clerk at a movie theater, Dog Trainer, Clean Room Cleaner (yes I cleaned rooms that are already clean), until finally I had enough of putting off what I wanted to do. I wanted to go to film school. After school I learned that to be a film maker today you can't climb a ladder anymore you have to build a ladder.

I left Los Angeles, started working whatever and wherever I could until I had a 'plan' to build a ladder. I worked in a Distribution Center for Lowes, as a Lumber Associate at The Home Depot (longest held job of 2 years), I  was a Security guard, then a Security Salesman, now I'm a part-time retail employee for a tech store as well as a seasonal photographer for k-12 schools. 

I don't think my parents have worked half as many jobs in the same 10 year period.

My point being, is that I've spent quite a bit of time trying to survive and 'figure out' what to do, and at this point in the game I think it's time to stop with all that. It's time to 'do'. I can appreciate a well thought, designed and executed 'plan', but I've been planning myself into doing nothing.

It's time to take a step and gain momentum again. The hard part is already behind me, I just gotta keep moving, try new things, create better habits and repeat what works.  

Good luck to you.

Keep Shooting,