At The Los Angeles Film School our midterm project was to re-create a scene from a list movies. I chose to Direct and cut a scene from The Godfather Part 2. I designed the set, and my crew and I built, dressed, lit and shot on it in four days. Enjoy and leave a comment.

The Oregon Ballet Theatre hosted a "One Night Only" performance of several dance pieces that would only have a couple days of rehearsal before the show. During those rehearsals I was commissioned to document the dancers and the drama that unfolds from such a large time constraint. 

I conducted interviews of Canyon Capital Realty Advisors employees on the company campus on behalf of Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica.

Sound Design is an important element to creating a film that is immersive. The audience can forgive a bad image but they are less forgiving of bad sound. In the following project I was given a trailer of Neil Blomkamp's 'District 9' that had all the audio (aside from human dialogue) removed. The challenge was to complete the trailer by adding all sound elements in post. Creating the alien voice was my favorite exploration in designing sound.

Solitary Son was a short film idea that orbits the conflict between heritage and family, and ideologies from a past culture and a current culture. The story has elements of the supernatural with a tense grounding in reality.